Use Inclusive Leadership to Build a Better Workplace

Companies around the world are growing increasingly more diverse. Both globalization and an aging workforce are contributing to a modern workplace, where teams consist of people from multiple generations, religions, races and sexes. To embrace and nurture this new workforce, practice inclusive leadership, a leadership style that acknowledges the contributions of every employee and encourages their professional growth. By incorporating inclusive leadership into your management toolbox, you will stay aware of the needs of employees in your evolving workplace.

According to a Catalyst study of inclusive leadership, building high-performing teams starts with making employees feel more included at work. By focusing on inclusion, employees will feel more innovative, go above and beyond the “call of duty” to help colleagues, and commit to team citizenship.

So how can you make your employees feel more included? Start by incorporating the study’s following four inclusive leadership qualities into your daily interactions:

Empowerment: Inclusive leaders encourage employees to develop professional skills and enable them to excel in their roles. Direct them to skills-based volunteering opportunities on STLVolunteer and share information about industry-related conferences.

Accountability: Inclusive leaders demonstrate confidence in direct reports by holding them responsible for performance they can control.

Courage: Inclusive leaders put their personal interests aside to achieve results. They act on convictions and principles even when it means creating personal risk.

Humility: Inclusive leaders recognize and admit to mistakes. They accept criticism and find ways to learn from different points of view. Finally, they seek their team members’ ideas and encourage their contributions, because they understand that their employees’ insights may help overcome limitations.

Want to learn more about inclusive leadership? Test your own inclusive leadership qualities by taking’s inclusive leadership quiz.

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Emily Knippa

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