5 TED Talks That Will Influence Your Career

When you think about the growth you want to experience throughout your career, what skills do you consider necessary for success? Does your list include gaining self-confidence and refining your leadership abilities? We’ve picked out five TED talks – one for each day this week – that will help you in your pursuit of professional goals. Each talk offers insight on strengthening your view of leadership, knowledge of workplace dynamics, or understanding of stress.

The career advice you probably didn’t get
Why are so many women in middle management and what has to happen to take them to the top? Susan Colantuono, the CEO and founder of Leading Women, explores this question and examines the element of leadership that women need to create careers that soar.

How to start a movement
Only three minutes long, this TED talk takes a quick look at what it really takes to start a movement and inspire others to join.

Your body language shapes who you are
Your body language has a large influence on how people view you and you view your abilities. By exploring non-verbal expressions of power and dominance, Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how power posturing impacts self-image and can affect career success.

The power of believing you can improve
In this TED talk, Psychologist Carol Dweck discusses her research into the “growth mindset” and how it impacts the resilience of children. Although geared toward educators and parents, this talk offers actionable ways professionals can reframe their approach to tasks and engagement with employees.

Dare to disagree
How can constructive conflict improve an organization? Margaret Heffernan argues that teams and businesses should seek out people with different backgrounds and points of view that will constructively challenge the status quo and push others to do their best thinking.

What TED talks have you recently watched and would recommend? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or by tweeting to us on Twitter.

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