4 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

For someone new to the workforce, there are many opportunities to achieve professional goals, develop new skills, climb the corporate ladder or even launch a side business. Achieving professional success looks different for different people; however, very successful individuals share a few commonalities. One of these commonalities is the presence of a mentor. Here’s why you need a mentor to help you determine your professional goals and best path toward success:

Mentors are a source of inspiration. More often than not, mentors have achieved a level of success that mirrors your own aspirations. They may be a higher-up in your current company or a thought leader in your target industry. Learning how a mentor has achieved their success is inspirational to anyone new to an industry or role. It creates an attainable reality where before there was only a dream.

Mentors can plug you into their network. Mentors usually have a strong network. Throughout a mentorship, a mentor may connect you with helpful people that they know. These connections will gain you insights from different perspectives about professional balance, while allowing you to build your own network. Sometimes it really is about who you know.

Mentors offer guidance through career obstacles. You have a long career ahead of you, filled with unknown challenges and uncertainty around where your passions and skills will take you. From learning how to find a work-life balance to handling politics in the workplace, mentors can offer invaluable knowledge when it comes to new obstacles. Their personal experiences and successes through adversity can help guide your own decisions when you’re faced with a challenge. By revealing the uncertainties you’re facing to your mentor and listening to feedback, you can manage even the most difficult situations because you have someone on your side.

Mentors will challenge you. One of the most valuable things a mentor can do is challenge your way of thinking. Facing your faults – or even recognizing that they exist – is not an easy experience. However, a good mentor will show you your struggles and push you to overcome them. Consider their feedback and incorporate their insights when it makes the most sense for your career.

Don’t overlook the value a good mentor can bring. By offering inspiration, networking opportunities, guidance, and thoughtful challenges, a mentor can be what you need to make your professional aspirations a reality.

Do you have a mentor who has helped you determine your career goals? If so, share your experience with us on Twitter!

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