3 Simple Steps to a Powerful Professional Brand

If you’ve thought about why developing a professional brand is important, but don’t understand quite how to implement one, then this post is for you. Your professional brand conveys your values and strengths, and is a promise to others that expresses who you are and how you will deliver on your commitments.

Here are three simple steps you can take to craft a powerful professional brand and better express your story to your industry, colleagues, and current or future employers:

1. Define the values and principles that are important to you.
The things you consider important – from giving back to your community to supporting fellow women in the workplace – will influence your professional brand. Through the process, dissect the qualities of people you admire to better understand their big picture. How do they incorporate their values into their world? Use their habits to help you determine your own principles and how you can incorporate these principles into your career.

Ask yourself, “How do my professional efforts serve me and serve others?” Be specific in your answers and write down whatever comes to mind. Once you’ve identified the things that matter to you, you can narrow down your responses to the ones that are most important.

2. Refine your values and principles then develop a mission statement.
Narrow your values until you’re left with only three. Ideally, these three principles are qualities you most want to be known for or considered the best at in your organization. Once you’ve identified your top three, combine these values with your area of expertise to guide the creation of a professional mission statement.

3. Adjust your touch points to reflect your new mission statement.
Now that you’ve developed a mission statement that incorporates your three principles, identify the touch points you should update. These touch points are all the ways you engage publically, and include your LinkedIn profile, email footer, resume, or any other item that reinforces who you are and what you care about. By highlighting your values and what you’re interested in, you will attract like-minded people who will support your goals and understand your perspective. This process also helps you in your goal to network more intentionally.

If you’re up for the challenge, you also can put your thoughts on your values and work in the public space. By thoughtfully commenting on relevant articles or posting an article on LinkedIn, you will build your professional reputation around your areas of expertise.

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Emily Knippa

Emily Knippa is a St. Louis-based marketer and writer who focuses on content marketing, career development, and personal finance. She enjoys meeting people pursuing inspiring career paths. She’d love to meet you at the next United Way event. Say hello to Emily on Twitter at @emilyknippa.